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AccessTimeIcon Jun 20, 2024 at 11:58 AM
Updated Jun 20, 2024 at 12:09 PM

Strolling Along the Rhine: Düsseldorf's Attractions on the Riverbank

Have you just landed at Düsseldorf Airport and are looking for the perfect way to start your journey in the vibrant city? Then set aside your suitcase for a moment and treat yourself to a breathtaking walk along the Rhine riverbank! Düsseldorf's beautiful promenade not only offers picturesque views of the Rhine but also a wealth of attractions that will brighten your day.

From Düsseldorf Airport to the City Center:

Before we head to the Rhine, let's clarify the best way for you to get from the airport to the city center. Airport Taxi Düsseldorf offers you convenient and reliable options to reach your destination. With our comfortable taxis and experienced drivers, you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Rhine Tower Düsseldorf

Breathtaking views from the Rhine Tower:

Our destination is the famous Düsseldorf Rhine promenade. Before you start your walk, we recommend a visit to the impressive Rhine Tower. With its height of 240.5 meters, this television tower offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the Rhine. Enjoy the view of the Düsseldorf skyline, the Media Harbour, and the extensive green areas along the riverbank.

Strolling along the Rhine promenade:

After enjoying the fantastic view from the Rheinturm, it's finally time to head down to the real highlight - the Rhine promenade. This kilometer-long promenade is perfect for a leisurely walk or a bike ride.Enjoy the fresh air while watching the sunset over the Rhine or watching the passing ships.

Unique architecture in the Media Harbor:

A special highlight of the Düsseldorf Rhine promenade is the Media Harbor. This modern district impresses with its futuristic architecture. Stroll past the Frank Gehry buildings, the so-called "Gehry buildings," which are a real eye-catcher with their deconstructivist forms.

Culinary delights and cultural discoveries:

Along the entire promenade, you will find a variety of cafes, restaurants, and bars. Enjoy a refreshing drink with a view of the Rhine or treat yourself to a delicious meal in one of the numerous restaurants. The Düsseldorf Old Town is also not far away and offers further culinary and cultural experiences.

Düsseldorf Rhine promenade

Art and culture on the Rhine promenade:

The Düsseldorf Rhine promenade is not only a place to relax and enjoy the scenery but also offers cultural discoveries.Make a stop at the "Art in the Tunnel," a former subway tube that has been transformed into an art gallery. Here you can admire changing exhibitions of contemporary art.

Special Events at the Rhine Riverbank in Düsseldorf

Note: The following dates are for example information only and may change. Please check the official sources of the events for the most up-to-date information on dates, prices, and amenities (admission prices, visitor numbers, etc.).

Date Event Description Cost Amenities
June 30 - July 2, 2024 Harbor, City, Sea A large public festival with amusement rides, live music, culinary offerings, and fireworks on the last day Free admission, costs for rides and food/drinks extra Medium: Very popular, expected high visitor numbers.
15.July 2024 Düsseldorf Long Table Night A communal dinner on a long table by the Rhine riverbank Tickets required, prices vary depending on placement Low: Tickets can sell out quickly.
September 27 - 30, 2024 Japan Day on the Rhine Celebration of Japanese culture with kimono fashion shows, Japanese food, music, and performances Free admission, costs for food/drinks extra Medium: Popular but usually manageable
October (exact date to be announced) Carnival Opening Official opening of the carnival season with festive activities and stage program Free admission Low: Can get very crowded


Costs: Admission prices may vary and change over time.Please check the official sources of the events for current price information.

Comfort: The classification of comfort is subjective and depends on your preferences. Events with high attendance can be crowded and hectic.


Inform yourself in advance about the events taking place during your stay in Düsseldorf.

Buy tickets in advance if necessary to avoid disappointment.

Consider the size of the crowd and plan your arrival and departure accordingly.

With some planning, you can fully enjoy the special events at the Düsseldorf Rhine promenade!

Special events at the Rhine promenade:

If you want to make your visit to Düsseldorf a special experience, you should find out about the events taking place at the Rhine promenade.Throughout the year, numerous events take place here, including concerts, open-air cinemas, and of course the famous Düsseldorf Christmas market.

Pure relaxation on the banks of the Rhine:

Whether you are looking for breathtaking views, architectural highlights, culinary delights, or cultural discoveries, the Düsseldorf Rhine promenade offers something for every taste. Let yourself drift, enjoy the fresh air and the atmosphere by the river, and leave the everyday life behind.

Tips for your walk along the Rhine:

    - Wear comfortable shoes, as the path along the promenade can be several kilometers long.

    - Sun protection and a head covering are recommended on sunny days.

    - Take enough time to explore the various attractions.

    - Pack a small picnic and enjoy it in one of the parks along the Rhine.

Strolling along the Rhine

Enjoy your stay with Airport Taxi Düsseldorf:

We hope that this blog post has given you a small insight into the beauty of the Düsseldorf Rhine promenade.After enjoying your day at the Rhine riverbank, you can continue your journey relaxed with Airport Taxi Düsseldorf.

Further travel options:

Taxi to Düsseldorf's Old Town: Let us take you directly to the bustling Düsseldorf Old Town and explore the narrow streets, historic buildings, and numerous breweries.

Continuation to your hotel: Simply provide us with your hotel address when booking your Düsseldorf Airport transfer, and we will comfortably take you to your destination.

Transfer to other cities: Düsseldorf Airport Taxi also offers transfers to other cities in the area.Whether you want to go to Essen, Cologne, or another location, we will take you there reliably and on time.

Major cities near Düsseldorf

This table shows you some of the most important cities near Düsseldorf and provides information on travel options from the city center of Düsseldorf.

City Distance (km) Average Travel Time Transportation Convenience
Cologne (Köln) ~40 30 - 45 minutes S-Bahn or Regionalbahn Very convenient: frequent connections, comfortable seating, luggage storage possible. Buy tickets at the station or online.
Essen ~20 20 - 30 minutes S-Bahn or U-Bahn Very convenient: fast and easy connection due to proximity.Tickets can be purchased at the train station or online.
Dortmund ~65 40 - 60 minutes Regional train or long-distance train Generally comfortable: regular train connections, comfortable seating, luggage storage possible. Tickets can be purchased at the train station or online.
Duisburg ~30 25 - 35 minutes S-Bahn or regional train Relatively comfortable: regular connections to Duisburg city center. Tickets can be purchased at the train station or online.
Wuppertal ~35 30 - 40 minutes Regional train or suspension railway Unique journey: the Wuppertal Suspension Railway offers a special experience. Tickets can be purchased at the train station or online. Please note the suspension railway's operating times.


Distances are approximate and may vary depending on the route chosen.

Travel times are average and may vary depending on timetables and possible transfers.

Trains are the most convenient and efficient public transport to reach the surrounding cities from Düsseldorf.

Check current timetables and prices before your trip.

While taxis and ride-sharing services are available, they can be more expensive than trains, especially for shorter routes. Check costs and wait times before choosing this option.

Book your transfer:

Simply book your taxi Düsseldorf airport transfer online on our website. We look forward to welcoming you to Düsseldorf soon!

Discover Düsseldorf with Airport Taxi Düsseldorf:

Düsseldorf has a lot more to offer than just the beautiful Rhine promenade. With Düsseldorf Airport Taxi you can explore the city comfortably and stress-free.

City tour: Book a city tour with one of our experienced drivers and discover the highlights of Düsseldorf.

Shopping tour: The Königsallee, Düsseldorf's most famous shopping street, is just a stone's throw away from the banks of the Rhine. Let us take you there and treat yourself to a shopping spree.

Visit to museums: Art lovers will get their money's worth in Düsseldorf.Visit the renowned art academy or one of the numerous other museums in the city.

Arrival options from Düsseldorf Airport to the city center


Distances are given in kilometers (km).

Travel times are average values and may vary depending on traffic conditions.

Convenience is rated on a scale of 1 (least convenient) to 5 (most convenient) for an average person, taking into account factors such as cost, travel time, and user-friendliness.

Mode of transport Distance (km) Average travel time Convenience
S-Bahn ~8 12 minutes 4
Bus (Line 721) ~8 28 minutes3
Taxi ~8 15 minutes 5
Rental car ~8 15-30 minutes 2

Additional notes:

The S-Bahn regularly runs from Düsseldorf Airport to the city center.Just follow the signs to the S-Bahn station.

Bus line 721 also connects the airport with the city center. The bus stop is located right in front of the terminal.

With Airport Taxi Düsseldorf, you can enjoy your stay in Düsseldorf to the fullest. We offer reliable and comfortable transfers from the airport to the city center and to any other destination in the area. Book your transfer today and look forward to an unforgettable journey to Düsseldorf!