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Would you also like to be a partner of Airport Taxis?

What is Airport Taxis?

Airport Taxis is a taxi service that operates worldwide. We have now been specialized in airport transport for more than 10 years. And we have also been offering our intercity taxi services for years. Not only to national but also to international locations. We always work with experienced drivers who also work punctually and safely. We are in full expansion and are therefore always looking for partners to strengthen our team.

What is a 'partner'?

That is an independent taxi company. A taxi company that, like Airport Taxis, puts quality and service first. And this at an affordable price. You always carry out journeys on behalf of Airport Taxis.

Am I eligible?

Taxi companies interested in becoming part of our network must meet a number of conditions. You must of course have your own car. So that your customers can comfortably transport their luggage and you must also have the correct permits, certificates and insurance. According to our terms and conditions, we collaborate with the companies that have at least 5 vehicles in their fleet. After signing up into our system we request our partner to send us an email with the standard rates to set them into our system to avoid misunderstanding in future.

How do I become an Airport Taxis partner?

Click the button below to fill out the application form. Once we receive your request, we'll review it. Typically, this process takes about 5 days. Upon approval, you'll be added to our platform.

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