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The following terms and conditions are valid for all reservations made via our Airport Taxis website. We recommend that you read these conditions thoroughly before completing a reservation.

The following definitions apply and are used in our terms and conditions:



"Company", "we", "us", "our" means ALL COMMERCE & BUSINESS SUPPLIES LTD., A public limited company trading under the current IR legislation and registered with the Commercial Register of Dublin, Ireland, under number 3466325KH.

"Customer": Customer means the person who pays the Reservation through our website.

"Passengers": passengers means all passengers, by name or not, that are part of the Reservation.

"Principal passenger": the main passenger is the person first mentioned in the Reservation.

"You" and "your" are synonymous with you as a customer. This also includes any other passengers that were specified at the Reservation.

"The transport company" is the professional company that provides the transfer to the airport for the customer.

"Reservation": reservation means the actual reservation made via our website for the transfer to the airport.

"Transfer service" means any service provided in relation to the transport of passengers and provided by us, including services provided by us that relate to the transport in question.

"Transfer voucher", "Reservation voucher", "Voucher": these are the confirmation that you will receive by e-mail after a reservation.

"Contract": every reservation made and all conditions that apply to this Reservation.

"Conditions": the general conditions as stated here

"Website", "Websites": or other websites in our management and related to this website.



We are responsible for transfers and transfer services for both groups and individuals. We also trade under the name "", which is fully owned by us. Our registered office is Library Square, Main Street, Rathcoole, Dublin Ireland.

Our services are delivered via:   and the corresponding mail address Our transfer services are in accordance with national laws and regulations and for this we also have all necessary permits and licenses. In order to properly handle the transfers, we only call upon professional transfer companies that offer these services for individuals or we act as a company that has the capacity to offer these transfer services.

Airport Taxis offers transport services for both individuals and groups via the website.

These terms and conditions must be read and understood by any person who intends to make a reservation through our website as these conditions apply to each contract. Whoever makes a reservation automatically states that he has read and agreed to these terms and conditions. The person making the reservation in this way gives both his personal agreement and the agreement of the passengers for which he / she has the legal capacity to do so. If you have questions about these conditions, you can always contact our customer service. If for any reason you cannot agree with these conditions, then you should not make a reservation via our transport service.


The person who completes the reservation process must be at least 18 years old. This person is also responsible for introducing the correct data and for carrying out the full payment. The online reservation process must be strictly followed.

The conclusion of a contract with Airport Taxis requires the administrative handling of a number of issues in order to be able to carry out our transport services correctly.

The validity of the contract only comes into effect if you have received a transport service voucher via e-mail. If the purchased services cannot be delivered by the transport company, the customer will be informed of this and the full amount will be refunded to the customer's account. After repayment, we no longer have any liabilities or responsibilities towards the customer.

Recognition of all sent notifications is a responsibility of the customer. We expect you to recognize every correspondence. If this is not the case, we will consider the data on our mail server as proof of notification.

Confirmation of a payment as such is not considered to be contractually binding.

The vouchers that you have received after payment for our Transfers have to be printed so that they can be shown to the driver of the taxi. If the Principal Passenger is unable to present the voucher at the time of the Transfer Service, the driver can refuse the Transport Service. In addition to the voucher, the Principal Passenger is also expected to print a printout of all correspondence and bring it with him.

As mentioned earlier, the person making the reservation must be at least 18 years old. If this is not the case, then we are authorized to cancel the reservation at any time. A parent or legal guardian who is aware of the reservation of his / her minor we advise to contact us so that we can cancel the reservation immediately. Minors are also not allowed to use our Transport Services without adult supervision.


For the payment of the Transport service all current payment methods including credit card (American Express, MasterCard / Diners International, Visa), payment card (Visa / Delta, Visa / Electron), bank transfer and PayPal are offered. If you wish to make use of PayPal, please note that this payment method is only possible for larger amounts and that in this case an additional surcharge will be charged.

Our rates always apply in euros. If a conversion of currency takes place during the payment or reservation, this conversion is not our responsibility.


The Reservation Voucher always contains the details of the collection point and the order. If the reservation voucher still contains incorrect data, then changes can only be made and implemented by sending them to   to communicate. The changes must be requested for the actual transfer and are only valid if the Transport Company has received them correctly and an official confirmation by the Transport Company has been done by mail.

If the change in data is accompanied by the necessary additional costs, these costs are fully the liability of the customer. At Airport Taxis, an initial change can always be made free of charge. For each additional change an administration fee of 15 euros can be charged. If the change takes place within 24 hours, a refund is not necessary.

When the contract becomes legally binding, the Customer is requested to inform our Customer Service of possible errors contained therein, not less than 24 hours prior to the corresponding Transfer Service. If you have informed us within 24 hours before the associated transfer service, we can terminate the Contract free of charge.


Cancellations by the Customer are only valid if they have been sent by mail to our Customer Service in writing: .Cancellations can be made for an entire Reservation or for parts of the Reservation.

For cancellations that take place more than 24 hours before actual collection, a full refund of the Reservation in question applies. For cancellations that take place less than 24 hours before the actual collection, no compensation will be paid on our behalf. After Cancellation you will receive an official cancellation confirmation from our Transport Company via e-mail.


Last-minute reservations depend on the season and the route to be traveled. In case of last-minute reservations, we advise you to contact us if the website mentions this. This way we can check whether we can still deliver the Transport service. Chapter 5, 6 and 8 always apply to last-minute reservations.


In exceptional cases, it may be possible for the Transport Company to apply changes to the Transport Service or to cancel the Transport Service. In this case, the Transport Company always informs the customer of this as soon as possible.

We always try to meet the requirements and wishes of our customers, but in exceptional cases it would be necessary to call on a larger or more cars. If the vehicle in question is in a lower category than the vehicle you reserved, the difference in fare will be refunded to the Customer.

In very exceptional cases, the reservation will be canceled. In the event of cancellation of a reservation, the full amount will be refunded to the customer. After reimbursing the amount, the Transport Company will bear no further responsibility or responsibility. As a Transport company we will do everything possible to help you further by offering alternatives for the reservation.


For child seats, both national and international rules apply which vary from country to country. As a Transport Company, however, we comply with all the rules that apply to our cars according to the legislation. When reserving a private transfer, we always ask the customer to use a car seat booster or child seat for children younger than 12 years or less than 135 cm. As a transport company, we attach great importance to safety and as a customer you will be able to opt for child seats or baby seats for most reservations.

It is the complete responsibility of the main passenger to check whether the child seats used comply with the necessary requirements and that the child seats are correctly used and installed. As a Transport Company, we bear no responsibility or liability with regard to the use, inspection or installation of the child seat in question.

The use of a personal booster or personal baby seat is possible, but must be communicated to the Transport Company in advance. In this way, as a Transport Company, we can ensure that the used vehicle can accommodate the booster or the seat. If you wish to bring your own car seat booster or child seat and travel with a private transfer, you must inform us in advance. This allows us to check whether the vehicle supplied by the Transport company is suitable for the child seat. Group services are usually provided by a minibus or bus, and it is not possible to use a child seat in these vehicles.

As a Transport Company, we always offer everything possible to provide the child seats that were requested during the Reservation. In exceptional cases it could happen that the child seat cannot be provided. If an extra charge has been made for the child seat during the Reservation, this compensation will of course be reimbursed in this case. If there is no child seat, children from 3 years of age can still use our Transport service if they wear the adult safety belt. Children younger than 3 years old can and may also use our Transport Service without a child seat if they therefore take place in the back of the car.


Children and babies must be seen as regular passengers during the reservation. They must therefore be entered as full-fledged passengers during the reservation and the applicable rate will also be charged for this.


Passengers with a disability or passengers who use a wheelchair from our Transport Service must inform our Transport Company in advance. We are not specialized in the transport of these customers, but will enable everything to be transported in an appropriate manner. It is important that these customers are able to get on and off the vehicle independently or with the help of other fellow passengers. When transporting wheelchairs, we are only able to transport collapsible wheelchairs. We cannot guarantee the use of the vehicle for such customers at this time.


In some cases, a stopover during the use of our transport service, for example to pick up extra people, a wish of the customer. These extra stopovers can and must be indicated during the online reservation. It is important to note that the final destination is the same for all passengers. The duration of a stopover may not exceed a maximum of 5 minutes.


As a Transport company, we always advise our customers to take out tailor-made travel insurance. Always ensure that the travel insurance meets your needs. Always print the coverage of the travel insurance and take it with you during the trip. We always recommend travel insurance so that you have sufficient cover in all circumstances and are not faced with unexpected costs.


In the event of non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions, we can only be held liable as a Transport Company for the loss or damage that can be linked to our negligence of these Terms and Conditions on the basis of proof. Loss or damage for which we are liable can also not exceed the amount that you have paid for the transfer. We are under no circumstances responsible and liable for so-called consequential or loss of loss that has been made unforeseen. We are also not responsible for all disruptions that cannot be directly linked to our services. Think about, but not limited to, accidents, administrative requirements, force majeure and legal restrictions.

For any incidents occurring during the delivery of our transport service we cannot be held liable if no negligence on our part can be established. Incidents include, but are not limited to, illness, death or any physical injury.

Therefore, liability and responsibility will be charged to us if the incident occurs because of negligence on our part because, for example, the Transport Service was not offered as agreed and as indicated in the reservation and the Contract that you have concluded with us. If this is the case, it is the responsibility of the Customer to prove with the necessary proof that we have failed in our services and because of this negligence caused or facilitated the incident such as a death or bodily injury. Only then can a claim against us be submitted as a transport company.

We are solely responsible for the actions of our employees and of the Transport Companies who work for us if they were working for our Transport Service at the time of their handling or when they performed tasks on behalf of our Transport Company.

In the event of death or physical injury due to our negligence, nothing in these Terms and Conditions will limit or exclude our liability. This also applies to all other rights that you, as the Customer, legally possess in accordance with the applicable legislation.

There can no longer be any responsibility if the Customer in question has concluded a new or different service with the Transport Company.

We try to guarantee the correctness of our website day in and day out. However, we cannot be held responsible or liable for the 100% correctness and reliability of the content on our website. Unforeseen circumstances such as viruses can influence this correctness. In these cases, we will make every effort to correct the content as soon as possible. Unforeseen circumstances that lead to changes in the price of our services entitle us to terminate a contract with a Customer without reimbursing the customer for this.


In case of force majeure, we are not liable nor responsible for the payment of compensation in respect of the services that we provide as a transport company and that cannot or cannot be fully supplied due to this force majeure. Force majeure or matters that fall outside our judiciary include, but is not limited to, illness, war or danger of war, civil war and riot, molestation, sabotage, power failure, flooding, earthquake, fire, occupation, strikes, workforce exclusion, altered government measures, transport problems, and other disruptions in our company.


Customers who wish to change reservation details must contact us via e-mail.

If there are unavoidable changes to the contract that you have concluded with us, we will immediately send it to you via the address given in the reservation. This mail then serves as proof of reporting these changes. The same rules apply to all other information sent via e-mail. It is therefore crucial that the address provided is correct and reliable so that you receive all information properly. In addition, it is vital that you read and understand all received information from our side.

If your flight is delayed or if the flight to another airport is diverted, then the Transport Company will do everything possible to schedule your transfer at the new time. However, the necessary availability of transport must be available. If this availability is not available, we will refund the full amount. These measures are covered by the general terms and conditions as specified by IATA.

If for any reason you are not present or not on time at the agreed time at the agreed pick up time, as stated on your voucher, our Customer Service will try to contact you via the mobile phone number you provided during the Reservation.

If our Customer Service is unable to reach you via the mobile number you provided during the reservation because the number is not correct, there is no network or no voicemail has been set up, all our obligations will fall to you as a customer and that is there is also no refund of already paid amounts possible.


The Transport Services category includes various forms of transport that we can carry out in cooperation with Transport Companies. Transport services within our offer are shared transfers, shuttle services and private transfers.

We do not guarantee the route to or from the chosen destination. On our website a route from Google will be shown, but this is purely informative and may differ from the actual route of the transport. We always try to be punctual, but we cannot guarantee 100% at the desired time.

In some cases, the Customer can not immediately locate the driver of the Transport Company. In this case, it is the responsibility of the customer to contact our customer service via the number stated on the voucher. If, in such a case, no contact is made with our Customer Service, our obligations will fall to You and there will also be no refund of the already paid amount for the Transport Service. In the event that the driver of the Transport Company cannot find you, our customer service will try to contact the customer on the number that was entered online during registration. As Customer, it is your responsibility to be available on this mobile number. This accessibility already applies to the actual pick-up, such as when waiting for the baggage or during the customs check. If we cannot reach you on this mobile number, we cannot guarantee your transport and our obligations will lapse to you without a refund of the amount already paid. If you are not picked up at the airport, we need to receive your call within ten minutes of your planned pick-up time. All calls that our customer service reaches are kept by an external company so that they can be used as evidence in any disputes. These stored data therefore also count as legitimate evidence in these cases. If our transfer services are not used, no refund can be made here without prior warning and approval from our side. This also applies to the use of alternative Transport services. If an alternative transport is used, the costs will only be refunded if the Customer can present a valid proof of payment. No refund can be made without proof.

Checking the collection times is your responsibility. You are also responsible for being present at the agreed time and it is also your responsibility to be present on time at check-in at the airport or station, for example.

We always try to get our customers as close as possible to the agreed final destination. If unforeseen circumstances such as road delineations, roadworks, accidents, etc. are impossible, the Transport Company will, with your approval and at your request, take an alternative route to reach the final destination. Any additional costs will be charged to the Customer for this.

The public liability insurance cover of the Transport Company or the third parties to which the Transport Company appeals covers all requested transfer services.

If expressly requested, we always make every effort to inform a Customer via SMS. Nevertheless, we are dependent on, for example, the network for the delivery of SMS messages. If an SMS does not reach the customer or a text message is delayed, it is the responsibility of the customer to call on the data sent by e-mail or that are available under the 'My Reservation' menu of our website.


For each of our transport services, each passenger is allowed to carry an allowable amount of luggage of 1 bag or suitcase per person, with a maximum combined size of 158 cm (length + width + height) and carry-on baggage such as handbags and small bags. It is important that every part of the baggage is provided with a label or label on which not only the name but also the destination address of the owner is mentioned. Baggage that was not provided with this information is not under our responsibility or liability had to be lost during the transfer.

Our vehicles used for the Transport Service have as standard the necessary space to transport at least 1 bag or case with a maximum combined size of 158 cm (length + width + height) per piece in the car. It is vital that all luggage, with the exception of small luggage that can be placed between the legs of the passenger, be mentioned during the reservation. If certain baggage was not indicated during the reservation and the Transport Company is forced to use additional vehicles, these costs will be charged to the Customer.

Upon entering into a Contract with our Transport Company and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you also tacitly agree not to transport any objects, in your baggage or on the body, that are in violation of the rules and laws that apply. in the countries where your transfer takes place. Such objects are understood, but are not limited to, for example, firearms or objects that may harm and injure other persons. In addition to such harmful objects, we do not allow the transport of objects of exceptional size, weight or objects that are extremely perishable or fragile. Animals, with the exception of guide dogs, are not allowed in our vehicles.

Your luggage or property is entirely your responsibility. If damage to or loss of your property is found during transport, we do not accept any liability for this. We therefore recommend that you take out the necessary insurance in advance so that loss or damage is covered by these insurances.


Any person entering into a Contract with us declares tacitly that he / she has reached the age of majority and has the spiritual ability to read and understand these terms and conditions and to agree to all forms of responsibility and liability for this Contract. the Customer are connected. In this way you state that you are aware of and agree with us on all conditions and data stated and described in this contract. All payment instruments that you wish to use belong to you as the Customer and we therefore assume that you have sufficient financial resources to cover the costs of our services. You declare by entering into a Contract with us that you will inform us as soon as possible in case a change of data is required.

All services that were purchased are also listed on the voucher that you will receive via our mail. The Customer bears the responsibility with regard to the correctness of the data of the pick-up point and the final destination. The Customer bears the responsibility to print the voucher and to subject the data stated on the voucher to a thorough investigation. In the absence of or in the determination of errors in the data, the Customer is responsible for passing on these matters to our Customer Service as soon as possible so that the changes can be made. When creating an online reservation, it is crucial that the fields with an asterisk (*) are always correctly entered. Reservations that are impossible cannot be carried out under any circumstances than we assume no liability for them. There is also no refund for such reservations.

As a passenger, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have all the necessary documents to cross national borders. If the necessary documents are not present, we do not accept any liability for the non-availability of these documents for possible extra costs linked to not having these documents or linked to the fact that you are not allowed to cross the border because you have no account. has complied with the legislation and the applicable administrative and legal rules of the country in question. The voucher that you received via e-mail is under no circumstances a valid visa to enter certain countries.

If for any reason a fine or deposit should be paid to the authorities of another country because certain laws or travel regulations by you as Customer were not followed, then we will recover any costs of this fine or deposit on You. In this case, the Client is responsible for the reimbursement of all costs and we reserve the right to keep the amount already paid for the transport as a guarantee to an agreement with regard to payment of this fine or deposit between the Transport Company. and the Customer was found.

We also reserve the right and by entering into this Contract you give your authority to charge for the costs of cleaning or repairing any damage to the Vehicle via your Credit Card or your payment card. This also applies to items that are no longer present after departure from the vehicle.

We also reserve the right to refuse You as Customer, if we have had extreme or repeated problems with You or your passengers in the past.


Any customer who concludes a contract with our Transport Company tacitly grants us the right to refuse people access to our vehicles if the driver of the vehicle determines that the person in question is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if the person in question is in danger. is or can be for the person himself, the driver of the vehicle or fellow passengers.

Moreover, in all our vehicles there is a ban on the consumption of alcoholic drinks and / or the use of drugs and drugs. Smoking and eating is also not allowed in our vehicles.


It can always happen that our services offered do not meet your expectations. In this case we always advise our customers to contact our customer service as soon as possible so that the complaint can be handled immediately, preferably at the moment or shortly after the complaint has occurred. We may not handle complaints that are reported to our customer service after the actual transfer service has been offered, because in this case we will no longer be able to correct the complaint or resolve the complaint in any other way. A complaint can always be submitted via the contact details that you can find on the voucher for your transfer service.

Complaints submitted by mail must be submitted for 28 days after your return date. Complaints regarding our customer service or problems relating to our online reservation can be reported via the same address.


We are pleased to announce that our website is offered in different languages. We are currently also working to systematically expand the number of languages so that we can serve you in an appropriate manner. Our customer service and our mail service are currently offered in English and Dutch, but we try to communicate in the language of the customer as far as possible. If disputes or uncertainties arise, communication in English will always be the definitive version.


Copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of our website and of our company are strictly related to the Company and enjoy the protection that applies to the protection of intellectual property by national and international laws and regulations.

The content of our website may only be used for the reservation of transfers linked to our Transport Company. Without express permission it is forbidden at any time to publish, duplicate or use and display this content, both in full and in part. It is therefore strictly forbidden to use the content of our website or our website itself for any purpose in an unlawful manner.

The full content of this website belongs to and is protected by the applicable national and international industrial and intellectual property rights. Only with written and express permission from can the content of the website as well as the databases and other items related to the website be used by third parties for commercial purposes. Any other use is prohibited and punishable.

Prohibited include but not limited to:

The resale of the services offered on the website via another website or the unlawful distribution of the content of the website with commercial purposes as a goal. These include web scraping techniques that are used to gain illegal access to the content of a website.

Other illegal matters such as deep linking and framing and / or unlawful exploitation of all contents mentioned on and all matters related to


These General Terms and Conditions apply under the current Irse legislation

The contract that is concluded between the Company and you as a Customer is governed by the IR legislation and the international legislation that applies.

Any dispute falls under the jurisdiction of and will be disputed on the Irish courts.

Invalidity or unenforceability of possible provisions in these Terms and Conditions do not affect the validity or enforceability of other provisions in these Terms and Conditions, which will remain valid.


We attach great importance to privacy at We can therefore guarantee that every online visitor of our website does this in an anonymous way and that his / her data will under no circumstances be registered. This anonymity is continuously maintained while surfing through our website and the data of the person in question will never be used for an online service.

Only cookies related to the online user will be collected so that we can get an idea of the online use of our website. Information related to cookies, for example, is not limited to the server through which the user visits our website, the browser used by the user and the way the user has found our website. This information will only be used for marketing purposes to make our website easier to find. Any personal data is not part of this form of data collection.

Visitors can also request a quote on our website. To request this quotation, we always ask for some personal details. This information is only used to communicate with the visitors, to be able to register the visitor on the website and to correctly handle any payments resulting from the quotation. This data can also be used to inform the customer of offers, news or promotions that fall within the visitor's sphere of interest.

Every visitor or customer who signs a contract with Airport Taxis automatically gives permission for the use of his / her personal data for the correct delivery of our services, for the correct and safe payment of our services and for all services provided by us and that might interest you as a customer. Offers and promotions are forwarded to you as a customer on the basis of the data collected during, among other things, registration on our website and data collected through surveys, surveys, purchases, and marketing and transport companies that have been able to collect this data in an authorized manner and to us to communicate. The offers and promotions are sent by mail in a safe and readable format that meets your needs. The data collected and used for these purposes are stored by us in a safe place. The data are also explained to the data protection agency. In addition to correspondence regarding offers, this data can also be used to get an idea about your customer satisfaction. This allows us to continue to improve our services.

Your e-mail address will in no case be passed on to other Transport Companies. If you do receive offers by mail from third parties, this is because we act as an intermediary. If you no longer wish to receive the information from this third party as a customer, we ask you as customer to contact this third party and to stop the correspondence. However, we do not want to withhold these offers from a third party because they can work to your advantage and always ensure that the use of your personal data for this promotion is always treated in the most secure and confidential manner. For no longer receiving such correspondence, contacting the third party or following the steps on our website and within every mail communication of our way is sufficient.

According to the letter of law, we can, if desired, also provide insight into all personal data stored by our company. If you as a customer have doubts about the correctness or completeness of your personal data, you can always request a change via .Legitimate corrections are immediately implemented by our Transport Company. Through the same address the Customer can also request the removal of the data or submit an objection.

We are not responsible for the processing of your personal data by third parties that you may reach via our website. We are also not responsible for the conditions that these parties use. Under no circumstances is airporttaxis liable or responsible for the content and conditions of these third parties and their websites.

Changes to the privacy policy will be immediately changed in the Terms and Conditions so that the Customer can always consult them and act according to the applicable privacy policy.

- LAST REVIEW DATE: 01/08/2017 -