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AccessTimeIcon Jul 02, 2024 at 5:47 AM
Updated Jul 02, 2024 at 6:47 AM

Rev Up for the Parisian Past: A Guide to the 2025 Vintage Car Parade

Gearheads, history buffs, and romantics, rejoice! The City of Lights is gearing up for a spectacular journey through automotive history with the 2025 Vintage Car Parade. Buckle up as we, Airport Taxi, your trusted transportation partner, provide a comprehensive guide to experiencing this momentous event.

The Grand Spectacle: Dates, Location, and Fees

Mark your calendars! The 2025 Vintage Car Parade will grace the iconic Parisian streets on July 12th. This exhilarating day-long event promises a dazzling display of classic automobiles, from pre-war beauties to roaring muscle cars.

The parade route will be announced closer to the date, but expect it to wind past iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and the Champs-Élysées, offering a visual treat unlike any other.

While admission to witness the parade itself is free, there might be designated viewing areas with a participation fee. Details on these will be available on the official event website (to be confirmed).

Register Your Vintage Gem (Optional):

Calling all classic car enthusiasts! If you own a meticulously maintained vintage car and dream of being part of the parade, registration details will be available on the event website.

Exploring the Enchanting City of Lights

Beyond the parade, Paris beckons with its timeless elegance, historic charm, and world-renowned cultural experiences.

* Must-See Tourist Gems: Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Louvre Museum, marvel at the architectural wonder of Notre Dame Cathedral, or climb the Eiffel Tower for breathtaking panoramic views.

* Navigating the City: Paris boasts a well-connected public transport system. The metro (subway) is efficient and affordable, while buses offer a more scenic way to explore. Taxis are readily available for convenient point-to-point travel. Here's a quick tip – download a mobile app like Citymapper for real-time navigation using public transport.

Cannes to Nice airport train | Airport Taxi

Essential Rules for Tourists:

Familiarize yourself with a few key pointers to ensure a smooth and enjoyable Parisian adventure:

* Currency: France uses the Euro (€). Consider exchanging currency beforehand or using ATMs upon arrival.

* Language: French is the primary language, although many locals understand basic English. Learning a few basic French phrases will go a long way.

* Tipping: Tipping is not mandatory but appreciated for exceptional service in restaurants and taxis. A small round-up to the nearest euro is customary.

Distances from Paris Vintage Car Parade to Attractions

Attraction Distance (km) Average Travel Time (mins) Taxi Price (EUR) Notes
Eiffel Tower 5 20 15-20 Iconic landmark, busiest during peak hours
Louvre Museum 3 15 10-15 World's largest art museum, plan for queues
Notre-Dame Cathedral 2 12 8-12 Historic Gothic cathedral, closed for restoration
Montmartre 4 18 12-18 Artistic district with views of the city
Champs-Élysées 3 15 10-15 Famous avenue for shopping and events


- Distances and travel times are approximate and may vary based on traffic conditions.

- Taxi prices are estimates and can fluctuate based on demand and time of day.

- Attractions may have specific hours of operation or closures, especially for renovations or events.

Getting to Paris:

* Airports: Paris boasts two major airports – Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) and Orly Airport (ORY).

From CDG Airport: The RER B train line offers the most convenient and budget-friendly option to reach the city center. Taxis are readily available at the airport, but expect a higher fare compared to public transport. (taxi to Orly price might be a good reference point for negotiation).

From Orly Airport: The OrlyBus connects the airport to various points in the city. Taxis are also available, though slightly less frequent than at CDG.

Distances from Paris Vintage Car Parade to Major Transport Stations

Airport Travel Method Distance (km) Travel Time (mins) Convenience Notes
Charles de Gaulle (CDG) RER B Train 28 30 Very Convenient & Affordable Direct train to central Paris
Taxi 45 Most Convenient, Less Affordable Pre-booking recommended for faster service
Orly (ORY) OrlyBus 18 40 Convenient & Affordable Direct bus to various points in the city
Taxi 30 Most Convenient, Less Affordable Faster than bus, consider traffic conditions
Beauvais–Tillé (BVA) Shuttle Bus 80 90 Less Convenient, Budget-friendly Connects to Paris, may require additional transfer
Taxi 120 Least Convenient, Most Expensive Most expensive option, ideal for late arrivals


Budget: The RER B train and OrlyBus are the most affordable options. Taxis are the most expensive.

Convenience: Trains and buses are generally more convenient than taxis, as you don't have to worry about traffic. However, taxis can take you directly to your destination, which can save you time if you're staying in a hotel that is not well-served by public transportation.

Luggage: If you have a lot of luggage, you may want to take a taxi or rideshare, as it can be difficult to manage luggage on public transportation.

Traveling from Nearby Cities:

Paris is conveniently located within a network of high-speed trains (TGVs) connecting it to major European cities. Here are a few popular routes:

* Rotterdam Paris: Enjoy a scenic journey through the Dutch countryside on the high-speed Thalys train.

* Cannes to Nice Airport train: Take a leisurely ride along the beautiful French Riviera before catching your flight back home. (This route might be helpful for those arriving/departing from the south of France).

* Lille Charleroi shuttle: Combine a visit to charming Lille with a budget-friendly transfer to the nearby Charleroi Airport in Belgium.

* Paris to Avignon train: Embark on a high-speed adventure to the heart of Provence, a region renowned for its lavender fields and charming villages.

Lille Charleroi shuttle | Airport Taxi

Airport Taxi: Your Reliable Parisian Partner

Whether you're arriving in Paris for the Vintage Car Parade or simply exploring the city, Airport Taxi ensures a comfortable and stress-free experience.

We offer a range of services, including:

* Airport transfers: Pre-book your taxi for a seamless arrival or departure from both CDG and Orly airports.

* City tours: Explore Paris at your own pace with our knowledgeable drivers who can guide you to hidden gems and iconic landmarks.

* Multi-city transfers: Planning a trip beyond Paris? We offer efficient and comfortable transfers to other major French cities.

Contact us today to receive a quote and secure your reliable transportation for an unforgettable Parisian adventure.

Distances from Paris Vintage Car Parade to Major Transport Stations

Transport Station Distance (km) Average Travel Time (mins) Taxi Price (EUR) Notes
Gare du Nord (Train Station) 3 15 10-15 Closest train station to many central locations
Gare de Lyon (Train Station) 5 20 15-20 Major hub for trains to southeastern France and Switzerland
Gare Montparnasse (Train Station) 4 18 12-18 Serves destinations in western and southwestern France
Gare de l'Est (Train Station) 2 12 8-12 Connects with eastern France, Germany, and Luxembourg
Gare Saint-Lazare (Train Station) 3 15 10-15 Main station for trains to Normandy and northwestern France


- Distances and travel times are approximate and may vary based on traffic conditions.

- Taxi prices are estimates and can fluctuate based on demand and time of day.

- Train stations may have multiple entrances; verify the closest one to your destination.

Beyond the Parade: Unveiling the Environs of Paris

While the Vintage Car Parade is undoubtedly the star attraction, Paris serves as the perfect springboard for exploring other captivating destinations within easy reach. Here are a few exciting options to consider:

Versailles: Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Palace of Versailles, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Witness the royal opulence and stroll through the meticulously landscaped gardens, once a playground for French royalty. Take a train from Gare Montparnasse for a convenient trip, or hop on a pre-booked taxi from Airport Taxi for a comfortable journey.

Giverny & Monet's Garden: Art enthusiasts, rejoice! Just outside Paris lies the charming village of Giverny, where the famed Impressionist painter Claude Monet resided and created his masterpieces. Explore his breathtaking gardens, recreated with vibrant flowers and the iconic Japanese bridge, all immortalized in his iconic paintings. Trains from Gare Saint-Lazare whisk you away to Vernon, a short taxi ride from Giverny.

Disneyland Paris: Experience the magic of Disney just outside the city. This sprawling theme park offers entertainment for all ages, with thrilling rides, beloved characters, and enchanting shows. The RER A line provides a direct connection from central Paris to the park's doorstep.

Loire Valley Châteaux: Journey back in time to the enchanting Loire Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the majestic châteaux (castles) like Chambord and Chenonceau, each boasting unique architectural styles and rich histories. Rent a car from a reputable agency for a self-guided exploration, or book a day trip with a tour operator to delve deeper into the region's history and culture.

Paris to Avignon train | Airport Taxi

Insider Tips for a Smooth Parisian Experience:

Pack light: Parisian streets are best navigated on foot, so pack light and comfortable shoes.

Embrace the Metro: The metro is an efficient and affordable way to get around the city. Purchase a multi-day pass (Navigo Easy) for unlimited travel within designated zones.

Embrace the Cafes: Cafes are an integral part of Parisian life. Relax at a sidewalk cafe, savor a cup of coffee, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.

Learn a few French phrases: A few basic French phrases like "Bonjour" (Hello), "Merci" (Thank you), and "Parlez-vous anglais?" (Do you speak English?) will go a long way.

This comprehensive guide, along with Airport Taxi's reliable services, will ensure your Parisian adventure, centered around the Vintage Car Parade, becomes an unforgettable experience.