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AccessTimeIcon Apr 11, 2023 at 3:15 PM
Updated Jul 22, 2023 at 2:07 PM

Bastille bar

Step into the mesmerizing realm of Parisian nightlife, where each twilight hour promises an extraordinary and indelible adventure. Traverse stylish watering holes, eccentric dance clubs, and pulsating live music hubs, or be captivated by the allure of the city's resplendent theaters. Revel in opulent cocktail lounges boasting views of iconic monuments, or uncover the clandestine treasures nestled within labyrinthine alleys.

Embark on a bewitching odyssey through the heart of the City of Light, indulging in a kaleidoscope of amusements, from soul-stirring jazz sessions to inspiring art exhibits. Whether your heart seeks the thrill of camaraderie or the romance of a moonlit promenade across cobblestone paths, Paris unfailingly answers the call. Immerse yourself in the effervescent ambiance that is quintessentially Paris, and let your worries dissolve into the night.


Review of the bar Bastille

If you’re looking for a stylish night out in Paris, look no further than Bastille. This trendy bar located in the heart of the city offers a unique and exciting experience that is sure to tantalize your senses. The atmosphere is buzzing with energy, fueled by live music playing throughout the evening and delicious drinks being served at the bar. Relax with classic cocktails or try some of their signature craft beers while admiring unparalleled views of iconic landmarks as they glisten in the night sky. Indulge in delicious tapas and snacks as you take in all that Bastille has to offer. For an unforgettable evening, there’s no place better than Bastille; this chic yet cozy spot will have you coming back for more!


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The location of the night bar - Bastille

Nestled in the heart of Paris lies Bastille, a chic and cozy night bar with unrivaled views of iconic landmarks. Located close to the river Seine, this trendy spot is easily accessible by foot or public transit. Guests can enjoy delicious craft cocktails and local beers while indulging in tasty snacks and listening to live music throughout the evening. Whether you’re looking for a romantic night out or an exciting evening with friends, Bastille offers the perfect ambiance for everyone. Come take part in an unforgettable experience at this one-of-a-kind night bar in Paris!


How to get to the night bar Bastille

Getting to Bastille night bar is easy and hassle-free. The closest Metro station is Bastille, which is located just a few minutes away from the bar. To take public transport, you can use buses that pass through the area or take the RER line A, which stops near the bar. Paris taxis are also available for hire in the area, allowing you an easier way to get to Bastille and back with convenience.