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“Hand Cheese”

Another popular Frankfurt specialty food is the "handkäs mit musik", also known as "harmony". This is a dish made from a strong, tangy cheese called Handkäse, served with chopped raw onions and a drizzling of oil and vinegar dressing. It is typically served with fresh rye bread and a glass of Apfelwein to help balance the strong flavors of the cheese and onions. The “mit musik” in the name refers to the onions, which were said to cause flatulence, hence the playing of music to conceal the noise! It is a local favorite and highly recommended for those who want to taste a true Frankfurtic flavor.


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How is it Сooked?

Handkäs or "Hand Cheese" is a regional specialty hailing from Frankfurt am Main that is considered as one of the most popular dishes of the area. It is a semi-soft cheese that is usually served as a snack or a light meal. Traditionally, the cheese is made by curdling sour milk with rennet and then shaping it into small round discs. These discs are then pressed, salted, and allowed to mature for several days to develop its distinctive sour and pungent flavor. The cheese is usually served with raw onions, vinegar, and caraway seeds, which help to balance the sharpness of Handkäs' flavor. This dish is often enjoyed as a quick snack with a glass of authentic Frankfurt Apfelwein. So, if you find yourself in Frankfurt, be sure to try Handkäs - a deliciously hearty and quintessentially German snack that's sure to delight your taste buds.


Where can you Taste Handkäs in Frankfurt?

If you’re looking to try Handkäs in Frankfurt, there are a number of excellent places where you can taste this traditional dish. One popular option is "Zur Sonne" which is located in Alt-Sachsenhausen. This cozy tavern specializes in traditional Frankfurt cuisine and is known for their Handkäs dishes, which are served with a variety of accompaniments. Another popular restaurant to try Handkäs is "Dauth Schneider", which is one of the oldest apple-wine taverns in Frankfurt. Located in the historic district of Sachsenhausen, it offers an authentic atmosphere where visitors can enjoy handkäs with a glass of Apfelwein. Lastly, "Apfelwein Wagner" is another well-known restaurant that serves Handkäs dishes, along with many other Frankfurt specialties.


Tips for Enjoying Handkäs mit Musik

  1. Embrace the sharpness: Handkäs' flavor is an acquired taste, so don't be afraid to indulge in the full experience.
  2. Balance with bread: The rye bread's earthy flavor and hearty texture provide a perfect counterpoint to the cheese's sharp tang.
  3. Complement with Apfelwein: The sweetness and tartness of Apfelwein balance the sharpness of the cheese and onions, creating a harmonious culinary experience.
  4. Seek out authentic venues: To experience Handkäs mit Musik in its purest form, seek out traditional establishments that have been serving the dish for generations.
  5. Follow the locals: Observe how the locals enjoy Handkäs mit Musik, as they may have unique techniques or preferences.

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